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I'm looking for owners of http and ftp sites that can host download page for the programs. I have been using free hosting sites for more then two years now. Some time ago all such providers started to delete accounts because they don't like direct links on the files that don't show their banners. I understand that. Traffic costs money, and 1 MB of chat program can generate a lot of traffic.

Intranet Chat is freeware program. Therefore as you understand I can't pay for the hosting but I don't want to make it shareware in the near future.

If you like ichat, want to support it, have a web site and can afford additional traffic then drop me a letter. But if you pay for outgoing traffic, then probably this proposal is not for you since the site can result in 100 downloads a day or more.

If you provide me with a hosting page, I will put up a big thank you message to you on my site, and I will put your companys banners and links on the IChat home page. This is the only thing that I can do.

Chat server version for Windows was developed by me.

Version for Linux ported by Vlad. Initial testing the net 3rd house.

Linux version is ported by SteelDen to FreeBSD. Official home page is here (sorry, Russian only).

Version Date Where
0.21 for FreeBSD 18.01.2003
0.1 for Windows 11.07.2002
0.21 for Linux 17.05.2002

List of changes:

[+] - found and fixed error
[-] - found but not fixed error
[*] - new function

18.01.2003 (0.21 for FreeBSD)

Thanks to SteelDen Linux version is ported to FreeBSD. You can find list of changes from original Linux version here.

11.07.2002 (0.1 for Windows)

[+] - Server put a lot of system messages in the event log if server where it tried to connect to didn't work. It should not do this anymore but myself I could not get such situation. So problem can be still there.
[*] - It's possible to use server (host) name instead of server IP to connect chat server to another chat server. It's usefull when server has dynamic IP but static name. Parameter "Host" is added in the server connection configuration for this purpose. You should use IP address or host name but not both in the same time. That is not reccomended but host name has higher priority.
[*] - Chat server ordinary application and chat server Windows NT/2000/XP service are in one application now. It always shows icon in system tray even it it's a service.
[*] - It's possible to install more then one chat server on the same server as service. You just need to add two parameters when you install it as a service: service name (switch -n) and service display name (switch -d).

IChatSrv /install -nIChatServer2 "-dIntranet Chat Server 2"
IChatSrv /uninstall -nIChatServer2

Attention: Second chat server should be in another folder and it has to be configurated on another port.

17.02.2002 (0.2 for Linux)

[+] - It should work stable with slow/unstable connections/clients.
[*] - Server-forwarding is supported partially. It can ONLY ACCEPT connections and still can't connect itself.

08.10.2001 (0.03 for Windows)

[*] - Added ability to connect servers to each other. It's possible to connect them by different ways. It you have servers 1, 2 and 3 then you can connect then like 1-2, 2-3, 1-3. But you also can connect them only 1-2 and 2-3. In both cases all users will see users from all servers.
Look in the readme.txt for how to do that.

14.05.2001 (0.02)

[+] - Fully rewritten from version 0.01.
[+] - Icon changed and now it's not the same like chat icon.
[+] - Added checking for second run.
[+] - Added restore icon after explorer crushing and restarting. TopList