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I lived in the hostel during my study in the University. After some time we decided to connect our computers and make small network. In the begging it was only 4 computers. We played the games with each other in the most cases. Our network enlarged. Computers from different floors were connected. We had the network but had no any tools for messaging with each other.

We tried to use standard windows tool WinPopup. It was enough in the beginning but after some time it possibility only to send and receive messages stopped to satisfy us. In the Internet we found ponyChat. Now you can find the quickChat with almost the same view. This is a really good tool with many functions and possibilities but after some time we found many bugs in it. The author of program after some time decided to don't continue developing. During the last 2-3 years he made only one new version.

We tried to use another programs but could not find any tools that could satisfy our needs. After some time I decided to develop such tool that could be changed very quickly if it's necessary.

This is the reason why Intranet Chat was made and it's developed during last 2.5 years. TopList