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Information about chat is published in some Russian and English software archives. Some of them make their own reviews, give rating and give abilities for visitors give rating too.

I tried to put links on this page on such software archives where infomation about chat is published. List is not full because in some cases webmasters or reviewer can publish application and don't give any information about this to developer.

If you want you can give your opinions in this software archives too.

SoftList gave 5 stars to chat. Around 40000 downloads. Chat is on third place in the rating or the most popular programs.


ListSoft gave from the begging rating Cool.

Comments of ListSoft:.

Seems to be quite "workable"... Installed with no problems, works without errors, doesn't require "hard learning"...

Chat got rating "User Choice" from visitors.

You can rate it and give comment here. 155 visitors have rated already and 19 comments are added.


SoftArea more then 52 visitors gave 5.288 from 6.

You can rate it here but only if you know Russian language.


SuperShareware Not rated by web site holders but 29 visitors gave it 4.9 from 5.

You can rate it here.


NoNags This site is known as site that publishs only true freeware program. They gave Best-6 from 6 to chat.


ZDNet Downloads Around 20000 downloads.

You can rate it and give your opinion here.


CNet Downloads More then 50000 downloads. Visitors opinions and ratings were deleted some time ago for some reasons. Program here can be rated on "Features", "Easy to use", "Stability", "Effectivenes".

You can rate it and give your opinion here.


The File Transit gave 5 from 5 for chat. 22 visitors 4.27 from 5.

You can rate it and give your opinion here. 30 visitors rated in "Stability", "Effectiveness", "Features", "Easy to use".

You can rate it here here. TopList