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I've been developing chat during last two and half years. During this time chat became popular and now it is used not only in Russia and xUSSR countries but in many other countries too. It's used in small home networks, companies and even in families to communicate with wife or children in another rooms. Yes, I got such letters not only one time ;-)

Many users asked me to publish information about their networks or companies and links on their web sites on the chat web site pages.

That is the reason why this page was created.

If you are using chat and want that other users will know this write to me and I will put this infomation with banners and links on your home site on this page.

I'm planning also to put information about working chat servers here where owners want to invite new users from the internet. So if you have chat server and want to get users from the internet write to me.

My chat server. IP is dynamic. Use only name. I'm there from time to time under nick AlexV.

Port: 6116

Home network RodoNet.. Ekaterinburg, Russia. Chat server information is sent by Alex Ross.

Port: 6666

Home network BNet.. Chat server information is sent by network administrator. port 333 for clients port 334 for servers

Home network Gluck-Net. Moscow. TopList