My name is Alexander Vorozhun. I live in the capital of Belarus, in the city Minsk. I graduated from the Belarussian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics in 1997. I'm a computer programmer. I mostly develop software using Delphi and DBMS Oracle, DB2, and MS SQLServer.

This page is about one of my programs - Intranet Chat.

Intranet Chat is a tool for messaging and chatting in local area networks using Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000. A special server is used to allow the program to operate across multiple networks or the Internet.

The program is FreeWare. I develop it in my free time.

Comments, bug reports, suggestions, and proposes can be sent to me or posted in the forum.

Feel free to write me. All errors will be fixed. All wishes will be taken into account.

The current version is 1.20 (updated 14.05.2001)

The current Beta version is 1.21b5 (updated 15.12.2002).

The current chat server version for Windows is 0.1 (updated 11.07.2002).

The current chat server version for Linux is 0.21 (updated 17.05.2002).

Last update of news 15.12.2002

If you are interested in projects that I'm working on for my day job visit this page.

I'm looking for owners of http and ftp sites that can host download page for the programs. I have been using free hosting sites for more then two years now. Some time ago all such providers started to delete accounts because they don't like direct links on the files that don't show their banners. I understand that. Traffic costs money, and 1 MB of chat program can generate a lot of traffic.

Intranet Chat is freeware program. Therefore as you understand I can't pay for the hosting but I don't want to make it shareware in the near future.

If you like ichat, want to support it, have a web site and can afford additional traffic then drop me a letter. But if you pay for outgoing traffic, then probably this proposal is not for you since the site can result in 100 downloads a day or more.

If you provide me with a hosting page, I will put up a big thank you message to you on my site, and I will put your companys banners and links on the IChat home page. This is the only thing that I can do.

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