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I'm looking for owners of http and ftp sites that can host download page for the programs. I have been using free hosting sites for more then two years now. Some time ago all such providers started to delete accounts because they don't like direct links on the files that don't show their banners. I understand that. Traffic costs money, and 1 MB of chat program can generate a lot of traffic.

Intranet Chat is freeware program. Therefore as you understand I can't pay for the hosting but I don't want to make it shareware in the near future.

If you like ichat, want to support it, have a web site and can afford additional traffic then drop me a letter. But if you pay for outgoing traffic, then probably this proposal is not for you since the site can result in 100 downloads a day or more.

If you provide me with a hosting page, I will put up a big thank you message to you on my site, and I will put your companys banners and links on the IChat home page. This is the only thing that I can do.

Version Date Where
1.21b6 18.12.2002
1.21b4 28.01.2002
1.21b2 16.10.2001

List of changes:

[+] - found and fixed error
[-] - found but not fixed error
[*] - new function

15.12.2002 (1.21b6)

[+] - Version 1.21b5 didn't work properly in Windows 9x/ME. Error "Thread error: ...".
[+] - Checkbox before user name in user list disapeared if user changed name.
[*] - List of quick messages is displayed in the old style again. Users that have big lists complaied that is doesn't have scrollers. Each string is also cut to 25 characters to display is properly even if text is quite long.

15.12.2002 (1.21b5)

[+] - Fixed problem with back renaming after automatic renamaing when one of the authomatically renamed users renamed to unique name.
[+] - "Sticking" to the screen border didn't allow to move window out of screen.
[+] - Double click on user name in user list adds space in the end of the /msg command, cursor stays in the end of the command.
[*] - Changed smiles suppport. Picture size is not resricricted to 15x15 anymore. New smiles added to.
[*] - Look is changed a little bit.
[*] - Popup menus are made is Office XP style. It has to work with no problems in any Windows version. Write to me if something will work wrong for you.
[*] - Added suppport for Windows XP themes. Main window title doesn't follow it yet.

28.01.2002 (1.21b4)

[+] - Chat didn't see message board messages from previous versions and previous versions didn't see messages of this version.

27.01.2002 (1.21b3)

[+] - "Full ignore" mode affects /me command.
[+] - Default settings were not loaded and chat looked very bad if it was installed first time.
[+] - Translations on Belarussian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian languages are updated.
[+] - Double click on the user name in the user list inserts /msg "user name" into the single line message editor.
[*] - Translations on Norwegian and Italian languages are added.
[*] - Automatic answer message is shown in the user information and it's not necessary to send private message anymore to get this information. This information is shown only for users that have chat this version and later.
[*] - Automatic renaming for duplicated users is added. Chat adds computer name, IP and number until such names become unique. Name is restored if one of the duplicates leave chat or renames to another name.

16.10.2001 (1.21b2)

[+] - If chat couldn't connect to the chat server it always show "Couldn't connect to". Chat connected to the server that you set. Not to this address. It only displayed not right address.
[+] - Fixed saving sound settingss. They were not saved in these cases:
1. Exception occured and chat was closed by Windows.
2. When shutdown of Windows 9x/ME was performed when chat was running.
I could't check it on Windows 9x/ME but it has to work now.
[+] - Chat didn't work on Windows NT 4 when I made changes for Terminal Server support. It simply didn't start. The same could be on Windows 9x/ME. I fixed this problem by I'm not sure that it will work on Windows NT 4 Terminal Server Edition. If somebody is using it and can check it then send me a letter.
[+] - Automatic user list resfresh worked not right for the lines and private chats that you were not connected to. If it discovered that there are no users anymore in the line then it deleted top node of the line but it didn't delete line nodes for the users that were connected to the line before refresh. The same happend with private chat if you disconnected from it.

01.10.2001 (1.21b1)

[+] - Using login name as nickname. Computer name is used like nickname is it was not possible to get login name or login name was not typed (ESC was pressed in Windows 9x/Me). Before in such case some kind of garbage was used.
[+] - Chat couldn't work from write protected disks or folders. It always tried to write into the files language.ini, Common.log and Private.log files if logging was enabled.
[*] - Name of user that updated message board is displayed now.
[*] - Multiline editor on the message board page authomatically contains yours message board message.
[*] - Ctrl+A (select all) works in the message editor.
[*] - Server address name can be not only IP address now. You can type as IP so host name. If DHCP is used then IP address will be not static. That is why I changed it. There no checking is performed anymore. You can type what ever you like there. Chat will try to get IP address of it and try to connect.
[*] - Added authomatic "sticking" of chat window to the screen borders if distance between chat window and border is less then 20 pixels. This function will work only if "Show windows content while dragging" is on.
[*] - From this version it's possible to run chat in Terminal Services sessions but only if chat server is used. It's not possible to make it work without server. Be carefull with such using. If Terminal Session was disconnected but was not closed and next login will create new session (it's possible that previous session will still work) then you can't run chat. It will still work in the previous session that should be closed before this. I tested this function only on Windows 2000 Server. I don't have abilities to test it on Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server Edition.
[*] - Added support for Belorussian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Latvian, Romanian, Spanish, Spanish (Catalan), Spanish (Castellano), Slovenian language. Some translations on other languages were also changed a little bit. TopList