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I'm looking for owners of http and ftp sites that can host download page for the programs. I have been using free hosting sites for more then two years now. Some time ago all such providers started to delete accounts because they don't like direct links on the files that don't show their banners. I understand that. Traffic costs money, and 1 MB of chat program can generate a lot of traffic.

Intranet Chat is freeware program. Therefore as you understand I can't pay for the hosting but I don't want to make it shareware in the near future.

If you like ichat, want to support it, have a web site and can afford additional traffic then drop me a letter. But if you pay for outgoing traffic, then probably this proposal is not for you since the site can result in 100 downloads a day or more.

If you provide me with a hosting page, I will put up a big thank you message to you on my site, and I will put your companys banners and links on the IChat home page. This is the only thing that I can do.

Version Date Where
1.20 14.05.2001

List of changes:

[+] - found and fixed error
[-] - found but not fixed error
[*] - new function

14.05.2001 (1.20)

[+] - Chat is compiled using Delphi 5. By this very old problem with MS Netmeeting is fixed. When chat was running and Netmeeting was started then chat was closed with error. It was not possible to run it if Netmeeting was running. The same was with Delphi 4 itself. I don't know where the problem was but when it's compiled using Delphi 5 then it works with no problems.
[+] - "Automatic away" function (DLL for it) is rewritten again. And now it's done using Visual C++. All problems that were connected to this function have to be fixed. At least MouseImp that didn't work if it was started before chat now works in any cases.
[+] - If chat was running and shutdown was done then main windows position and size were not stored. If worked when chat was closed and then shutdown was done.
[+] - User list width was not stored.
[*] - If shutdown was done when chat was running then main window size and position were not stored.
[*] - When user renamed then all private chats and lines where he was in were expanded in the list of users.
[*] - Working with chat server is rewritten but this version is not compatible with first test version of chat server. These errors were fixed:
1. From time to time chat lost messages.
2. Sometimes it was not possible to open private chat. It was empty (no users) or only one user was connected.
3. Chat didn't work right with two or more users from one Firewall. Only one of them (first) was in chat.
[*] - It's possible two run two chats. One that will work using MailSlots and another that will work using TCP/IP through the chat server. If you want to do this then you have to make copy of chat and put it in another folder. Then in IChat.ini of one of them change ConnectionType to another value. This ability is useful only if in your network two versions are used or some users still haven't changed to the server.
[*] - Added picture for ;-).
[*] - Added support for smiles :[] :-*
[*] - Added ability to insert smiles from the menu like it's done for the quick messages.
[*] - If you will select text and then press right mouse holding left button then selected text will be inserted in current cursor position in message editor.
[*] - Added defense from the so-called "Flood". If the same message by one user is repeated during 5 seconds it will be displayed only first time. It works only for the messages that are sent repeatedly one by one.
[*] - Rewritten message waiting for Windows 9x. Now it works on timer and chat will use 0.5-2% (dependent from the processor) of processor time. By this problem with overheating in some cases is fixed. It worked with no problems on Windows NT/2000 and nothing is changed for these systems.
[*] - Ignoring also works (ignores) for alerts.
[*] - Using * like nickname is restricted.
[*] - Using smiles in the nickname is restricted.
[*] - Added highlight and execute for https://
[*] - Running URLs doesn't hang chat until program starts anymore. It was very often the case for ftp:// and file:// link types.
[*] - Added counters in common chat, message board, lines. Counters are shown on the tab captions, in the menu and in the user/chat list.
[*] - Color of the separating lines is dependent from the background color. So now lines will be visible even on the black background.
[*] - Information about users is displayed in the current chat/line and only information about users that are in this chat/line will be shown. In the common chat information about all users will be shown.
[*] - Rewritten international support support. Now all strings are in the separated text files. It's possible also to set help file for each language. In this version translations on Czech, Dutch, English, French (made but Russian guy and your changes are welcome ;-), German, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish (Catala) and Swedish are added. If you want to translate chat on your native language look in the English.ini Then you can send translated file to me and I will add it to the installation package.
[*] - It's possible to select default language during the installation.

16.01.2001 (1.11)

[+] - sometimes user name was cut to 15 characters. Maximum length is set to 45 characters.
[+] - chat returns focus to the previous application in such situations:
1. Hide using ESC key
2. Chat was shown using hotkey.
3. Private message is received and it's show in popup window. Then this popup window was closed.
Before in all these cases floating window with chat status became active if it was shown. If this window was not shown chat worked right.
[+] - Alt+A (send private message to all) didn't work in the message editor. It worked only when list of users was active.
[+] - options dialog was shown not in the center of the screen.
[+] - if common chat page wasn't active and message in it was received icon for it wasn't changed to the ringing phone. For the lines and private chats it worked right.
[+] - system message "Message board updated" sometimes was shown when new user was logged in but he doesn't have any messages on the message board.
[+] - when private chat was created its name were not shown in the list of opened chats for the user. Empty node was shown instead of its name.
[+] - chat state that is shown is floating panel (like in ICQ) sometimes was not the same like state that is shown in system tray. Mostly it was the case when automatic "I'm away mode" was used. Situations:
1. Chat went to the "I'm away mode". Private message was received. Flag was shown. Mouse moving changed chat state to the privious mode but flag was not shown anymore like it was shown in system tray.
2. Private message was received. Flag was shown. Chat automatically went to the "I'm away mode". Mouse moving changed chat state to the privious mode but flag was not shown anymore like it was shown in system tray.
[+] - after pressing on minimize button chat was minimized but focus wasn't given to the previous application.
[+] - separated windows with chat status was shown sometimes even if it was set to don't show it.
[+] - it was possible to close separated window with chat status by Alt+F4 but after this chat began to show exceptions.
[*] - chat restores icon in system tray after the restaring of explorer after it crash. This function supported only when IE4+ with the Desktop Updates is installed.

In Windows 95 with IE4+ and the desktop updates is not tested. I don't have it anywhere here.

In Windows NT with IE 4.1 but without the Destop Updates doesn't work. In Microsoft Documentation they wrote specially about it.

In Windows 2000 works.

In Windows 98 it has to work but I don't have ability to test it.
[*] - copy to the clipboard command didn't copy smiles.
[*] - added new command /smiles. It shows all available combinations and pictures
that can be used. Sometimes, for example :P, combination is show twice.
It means that it's possible to use it on both languages.
[*] - for the work groups and domains setting were added additional abilities:
1. Select from the list of the available groups. Chat tries to get list of available work groups and domains. It networks works bad and you can't even open Network Neighborhood then chat can stop to response on some time.
2. Add range of IP addresses.
3. Load list from the file.
4. Save list to the file.
[*] - added ability to send private messages right from the command line without running chat. Message will be sent to the all users. Syntax of the command:

ichat /msg sender_name message

Name of the computer will be automatically added to the sender name. This is the small defense from the users that will like to send a lot of messages without any responsibility. Name is cut if result length is more then 45 characters. In this case name of the computer will be always shown.
[*] - added work using TCP/IP and dedicated server. TopList