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From the begging chat was developed for communication between computers in one network segment. Time is going, networks grow and one segment is not enough any more. But chat doesn't see users from another subnet especially if router is based on Unix. MailSlot packets don't go to the another segments. Using IP addresses instead of domains and work groups names as I wrote in the FAQ doesn't work in many cases.

Probably somebody already found good solution for this problem but I haven't got any. Myself I don't have ability to test chat in such conditions and find solution myself. If you know solution write it to me. I will put it to the FAQ.

This all is the reason why after some time I developed chat server that works with clients using TCP/IP and is not dependent from domains, work groups and etc. Only version for Windows was developed from the beginning but some time ago I also got version for Linux.

You can download both version from the Download server section.

All users have to connect to the server. Mixed connections using MailSlots and server are not supported. So users that use server will not see users that use MailSlots and vice versa.

Using server it's possible to chat not only inside network but also through the internet.

Administration for the server is not supported.

Linux for Linux is ported to FreeBSD by SteelDen. Official home page (sorry, on Russian only) is here. TopList